Bio, etc.

Now, this is the part where we pretend all of these profound things about how cool I am are being written by some sort of official biographer. However, we can end that charade right here because it’s actually me, talking about myself and how cool I am, to you.

Some background: I’m a Los Angeles-based guitarist who’s been chasing the dream of living the dream for way too many years. I’ve done a lot of touring, some assorted sessions, played more gigs than I can count, and stood on some of the most hallowed and legendary stages across the globe. Some standout moments that have provided stark reminders of why music is the universe’s answer to everything include gigs w/ The Boneshakers (which featured Texas blues legend Malford Milligan), Jewel, and a six-year tenure with Zappa Plays Zappa, with whom I collected a Grammy Award in 2009. Additionally, I play in the house band every week at the world famous Baked Potato Jazz Club in Studio City, Ca., for the Monday Night Jamz, which is currently in its 9th year.

I also do some teaching, both privately, and as part of the faculty at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, Ca. For more info on lessons, hit up the guitar button.